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The Beast XL has all the stylish looks and features of the standard Beast, but it has been lengthened to manage larger payloads, with larger deck space and the ability to negotiate higher sea states than its smaller brother. 

Still having the manoeuvrability of the smaller craft in our range due to its upgraded 3-rudder steering system, it is quickly becoming our best-selling model by far. The 22-litre fuel tank can keep a steady cruise for up to 100 miles. 

  • Seating capacity 2/3 People 
  • Payload 220kgs 
  • Dimensions Length: 3.7m/12’1” Width: 1.85m/6’ Height: 1.5m/4’9” 
  • Dry weight 250kgs 
  • Engine 993cc Briggs & Stratton, 4 stroke, air cooled 
  • Fan system Integrated 
  • Fan blades 7 
  • Sound level 78dba (full throttle at 25m/82’) 
  • Speed 35mph/56kph/30knt 
  • Skirt type 68 Finger segments 
  • Fuel capacity 22 Litre 

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