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BHC is a fantastic company. We bought a Marlin, Two Snappers and a Minnow from them last year, and are looking to have another two snappers and hopefully a coastal pro later this year.

The team at BHC are excellent and the after sales service we have received is out of this world. If you are looking for a great hovercraft look no further BHC are the company to go to!

Michael Dobson

I have owned four light hovercraft over the years, the last and current ones being a Marlin 2 and a Snapper, both manufactured by BHC. There is no doubt about the superior design, build quality and reliability of BHC’s machines, and their service back up is second to none. As an instructor, I have spent many hours flying and teaching in these craft and can vouch for their ease of handling and maintenance too. If you are new to hovercrafting or upgrading my best advice is – don’t consider anything else!

Tony Munns

We have been dealing with The British Hovercraft Company since 2013. During the last 5 years we have purchased a number Hovercraft along with many spares and parts. BHC have also done repairs and servicing on our Hovercraft, which is always to very high standard. The team at BHC have proven themselves to be highly knowledgeable and have always been extremely helpful, transparent and realistic with regards to deadlines and expectations. Having dealt with other Hovercraft manufacturers in the past, I can categorically say that The British Hovercraft Company are the number one Hovercraft manufacturer! Thank you BHC

Jason Sasoa (Hovercraft Adventures)

I run an activity adventure business which essentially includes hovercrafting. I've been dealing with BHC for almost 15 years now, they produce high quality hovercraft and the after sales service is second to none. BHC are very helpful and efficient

Fred Phillips (Mountain Mayhem)

Well I've had my BHC hovercraft for over three years and can honestly say it's been a blast! Travelling all over the country, seeing amazing places that only a hovercraft can reach and meeting some great people too. If I've ever needed parts or to replace anything BHC are always just a phone call away, advice is always readily available too!

Dave Hitchen

Friendly and helpful, they go out of their way to help you. I've had three hovercraft off them a Marlin Coastal pro and Snapper, been pleased with all three.

Dave Hall

I wanted to report on the success of our Hovercraft over the last weekend. Well considering this was the second event we have used it for, its reliability has been amazing. We received it from you last August and since it has been used continuously for demonstrations, TV demonstrations as well as playing around with my children (it was bought with the intention of getting them to learn to drive a hovercraft).

Since its arrival, a guesstimate of the number of rides it has given would be in the thousands! At our H2H event in October 2017, it was used for rides for kids at a demonstration day the week before, driver learning for adults during the weekend and course inspection and rapid response during the racing. But nobody will forget the night racing we did with it and the "who can jump it more" competition people did during a crazy Saturday night drivers party!

Last weekend at the winter H2H race, it was again used for driver training with a couple of hundred people doing a lap of the course, hundreds and hundreds of laps with kids and a backup racer when some of the competitors had technical problems! And don't forget, all this on ice and snow in -5c. The craft ran faultlessly. I used it for the days leading up to the race to test the course as well as transport the equipment to build the course due to the deep snow.

Never would I have thought this craft would get so much use and abuse! But what is more amazing is that it keeps going and going and is a testament to the quality of your company’s construction and design. With nearly 30 years of hovercraft experience, racing and building them, the BHC crafts are probably the best hovercraft of today, fun, reliable and well built, while at the same time easy to drive.

We will definitely be using it more and more and if anybody needs to see how reliable they are, just look what they go through at our events!

Sacha Rouchier

"A dream coming true!"

For around 10 years  I owned a hovercraft from a BHC competitor... sadly it had only a few hover-outs because I had to constantly fight with it to get it to hover. As I am addicted to Hovercraft and the technical aspects behind them, I was proud to own one myself and not having any other Craft to compare, I simply thought this was how it is. But it wasn’t as I now have learned.This change happened when we bought a second hand and well used Marlin II from a private seller. This one was planned to be used by my wife but finally ended up to be the only one being used by both of us. To fly it was a pleasure so the decision to "uptrade" my old and rarely used craft was easy. We did contact BHC and Benn offered us to take both older crafts from us as a trade-in and so made it possible for us, to order our own brand new Coastal Pro Hovercraft from the British Hovercraft Company.  Everything was settled and production started..... and after some family discussions about individualism we added a second craft, a BEAST to the order list, to make the family fully hoverised. We were crazy and, to spoil the ending, we did not regret it!From the first Contact on, the Staff at BHC did give us the feeling of being more of a friend then a paying customer.It might sound a bit exaggerated, but we learned that practically everyone at BHC is a real ‘fan’ of Hovercraft (and no, I don’t mean the propulsion propeller!) who build Hovercraft for fellow Hovercraft fans. And I can tell you, we weren’t easy customers.

For us it was quite a big issue. After all we were spending what was a small fortune for us, on a lifelong dream coming true. So everything had to be perfect. But every single question we had, every crazy idea we wanted to have enclosed in our two "Dream-craft" was taken seriously and actually everyone of them was made possible.

I still feel guilty about some ‘mid-build changes’ which we, here at home, came up with on a Saturday night while the two craft were already in their end phases of production over in Sandwich. (If you read this, Benn: Please take our apologies about those late Saturday night messages requesting the addition of a front mounted light system to my Coastal Pro ‘KATRA’ or the layout Change for Bilge’s Beast ‘FOXCRAFT’). When finished, one craft was delivered to a half way point meeting place in Holland, but with the other craft we took the chance to travel to England to pick it up personally at the BHC-factory. A visit well worth the trip! We were warmly welcomed, given a tour through the factory, being able to receive further pilot training at BHCˋs own hovercraft test field nearby, and best of all we got to know the team behind BHC! Benn and his wife took their time off to offer us a hover-trip to the old Ramsgate Hoverport with theirs and our Craft, but sadly stormy weather prevented this. But we´ll be back someday and already looking forward to complete this trip :-) Since then we had some great hover-trips with both craft here at home in Germany. Even now, while writing these lines, and only a half year later, we have so many more trips logged, than we had in total in 10 years with my old, reluctant craft... and the knowledge that we have gained a partner who we know we can ask whatever question or and get a fast answer – it is fantastic. Thanks a lot to all of you at BHC you made and make us feel welcome and made my childhood dream come (very!) alive!

Bilge and Holger | ‘FOXCRAFT’ and ‘KATRA’

A Marlin hovercraft is perfect for exploring muddy bays, estuaries, and firths, such as the Solway.   Unlike a boat, it can be used at any state of the tide, and I can now head out at any time of day, and go anywhere without the risk of running aground

Robert Scott

A friendly company, trying to sell an excellent product, within a difficult market place. After sales is great and goods are supplied within a short period

Larry Collins

We wanted a hovercraft because we were finding people were asking a lot about them and how handy they would be for some of the surveys we carry out by boat.

This pushed into buying one after a lot of research we decided on the BHC for our supplier the reason we picked yourselves  was we like the idea of buying from the manufacturer and a family run business just as we are, also buying British because we couldn’t find a Welsh manufacturer, we were especially impressed by the looks of the MAC V we bought a lot more pleasing on the eye than the competition, after a phone call to Russ we decided to travel from North wales to have a test flight we were hooked placed the order straight away.

Since we had the craft we have had a couple of minor teething problems which were sorted straight away by yourselves or by us with advice from your engineers.

We have been getting more and more work and from South Wales up to the Scottish border and everywhere we go people are impressed with capability of such a small craft, two of the jobs we did were because the client had been let down last minute and we seized the opportunity at the end of both surveys they wanted to make sure we would be tendering in 2018, we have recently booked ten days survey for this year on our own estuary because we helped out last year when they were let down by the supplier of an Argo cat  (no competition there.)

In the short time we have owned the craft it has paid for itself and given us a lot of pleasure in the process being paid to play what could be better, we are keeping an eye on your larger craft and hopefully we will come for a test flight in that soon

Marland Marine Services

I have worked collecting driftwood from our coastal waters for nearly 10 years, it is unimaginably dangerous work. I contend with very deep estuary mud, strong tidal currents and spring tides that cut you off, and I’m almost always in an isolated area and no craft existed that could work doing what I do, until BHC built it!

It took a year of considering and design consultation with the company to ensure the craft could and would perform in all areas, I cannot exaggerate what a big ask this is!

It had to carry lots of weight, work in cold salt water all year round, traversing large waves, shingle banks, mud flats, rip tides and generally shrugging off all the filth that mud work brings. Work regardless of the tides and be launch able by one person. All these things it’s done and more. 

It effortlessly takes me to places no human has walked or could access, not by boat at high tide or quad at low tide. It’s fuel cost is tiny, and maintenance is simple. The company have been most supportive at every stage, going above and beyond to support me in the field as necessary.

I’m using this craft for business and it’s the best advert I could have, everyone photographs it and my videos I post get thousands of views raising awareness of my brand in a way nothing else could. And it’s hardly surprising, it looks amazing

Toby Corall (Driftwood Shack)

British Hovercraft have made many bespoke Hovercraft for Spymaster over the years.  Our customers love the fact that the Hovercraft can be personalised making each hovercraft special and unique.They have always been one of the most exciting items in our showrooms and a great hit with customers. BHC have always gone out of their way to make sure the customer is happy with their purchase.  From the high-quality finish of the craft, training and delivery, the service we receive is second to none.

Julia Wing - Spymaster

The Coastal Pro works exceptionally well as a leisure craft whilst maintaining a ruggedness not found in other light hovercraft which allows it to be used in more demanding roles. True “turn-key” hovercrafting, cheap to run, easy to maintain, maneuverable in tight confines and stable in a seaway. You won’t find another twin-engine craft, with the same ability, for the price.

Ben Avery