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Recreational & Personal Hovercraft

From our smallest hovercraft, the Snapper, the recreational Marlin or the highly capable Coastal-Pro, there’s a BHC hovercraft to provide fun and thrills that will keep you hooked for many years!


The ‘Go-Kart’ 1 person Hovercraft. Ideal first hovercraft. Used by most driving events/activity businesses.

Smaller Whippersnapper model also available. Excellent fun for adults & kids!

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The World’s best recreational 2-3 person hovercraft. Ideal for driving events businesses, explorers, cruisers and thrill seekers.

Marlin ‘Beast’ upgraded sports cruiser model also available.


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Coastal Pro

The quietest production 3-4 person hovercraft in Europe! Twin engine commercial, search & rescue and utility hovercraft which is also an excellent recreational choice.

XL Coastal Pro model also available.

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Commercial & Utility Hovercraft

Developed for use in the harshest environments, the Coastal Pro and XL Coastal Pro have proved their worth from the heat of Kuwaiti oil fields to Finland’s harshest winter. Easy to operate and maintain, our commercial hovercraft are built to the standards of the MCA Hovercraft Code of Practice.

Coastal Pro MACV

An upgraded Coastal Pro, specifically designed for commercial & rescue use. Prepared for saltwater operations with floatation foam, marine spec wiring, stainless steel fittings, bilge pump & beacon.

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“Hovercraft are THE most fun you can have with an engine!”

Jeremy Clarkson
Top Gear, 2010

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