Commercial Hovercraft Hire & Hovercraft Pilot Training

Our Sister Company - British Hovercraft Solutions offers competitive rates for commercial hovercraft hire - including RYA qualified pilot. 
BHS also offers hovercraft training packages for commercial works, rescue organisations & for recreation.
Hovercraft are the versatile, eco-friendly solution for numerous applications with quick deployment and low running costs: 
*Search & Rescue / Recovery / Mud rescue
*Mudflat / Bog / Swamp access
*Safety cover / Crew transfer
*Geological surveys and sediment surveying
*Environmental research projects
*Sediment classification
*Measurement of buried cables and pipelines
 *Archaeological research
 *Mine, excavation and dredging measurements
 *Marking sediment thicknesses and sediment maps
 *Yacht / Vessel tender
BHC also offer onsite pilot training and maintenance support worldwide