Strongest and Most Durable Advanced Hovercraft Technology

BHC have taken the Hov-Pod back to its original GRP roots and we are proud to offer the next generation of  exceptional Hod-Pod hovercraft. According to how you intend to use your Hov Pod, we offer a wide range of options  and are happy to adapt specifications and fittings to accommodate any specific application you have in mind. Keeping  the strength and buoyancy design is important to BHC so the new style Hov-Pod offers both and added with the BHC  high marine standard, this new generation Hov-Pod has it all. 

Seating capacity

2 - 3 people


993cc Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI


Up to 35mph




Whether for recreation or commercial/utility use such as search & rescue, boarder surveillance, geo-tech, relief  agencies, surveying, UXO detection and hydro-graphics, this updated, four stroke, lightweight Hov-Pod will offer the  perfect amphibious solution for your needs.