Tidal-Pro Hovercraft

The British Hovercraft Company are pleased to announce the launch of our latest hovercraft model, the TIDAL-PRO.This versatile craft is essentially an upgrade to its predecessor craft, the Coastal-Pro XL.Incorporating a larger front duct to accommodate the larger, more powerful Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 627cc lift engine, we have also designed a convenient flip-front bonnet for easy access to the larger lift engine for servicing.
This new bonnet also has a redesigned air intake system, for increased induction capability.
The BHC Tidal-Pro is well equipped, whether you want a cruising, recreational hovercraft with extra lift capacity, a
practical, light commercial hovercraft for survey/crew transfer/emergency standby cover; marine studies,
mud/emergency response or rescue & recovery craft – then the Tidal-Pro is the hovercraft you’ve been waiting for!
The ability to fly over land, water, mud, snow & ice without causing ground disturbance, water wake or exhausting poisonous gases into the water, gives our hovercraft unique and ecologically favourable access to otherwise inaccessible or protected areas.
This upgraded craft will incorporate all the best elements of the Coastal-Pro and Coastal-Pro XL, ensuring The British
Hovercraft Company continues to manufacture the most versatile 4-seater hovercraft in its class.
Also due to high demand, for icy cold environments we have now included the long-awaited option of an interchangeable cabin cuddy, this functional & practical addition is purely for pilot protection from inclement weather, with function over form.


993cc Briggs and Stratton V-Twin 4 stroke


Approx 35mph/30kn


4, dependant on conditions


Tidal-Pro Hovercraft