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We are proud to present our largest hovercraft, the BHC700/750D which has the option of being either fitted with a ‘cuddy’ or be fully enclosed. This craft gives much greater load capacity with a payload of up to  750kg depending on the specification chosen - it is ideally suited for coastal and intertidal areas. 

This commercial and utility craft is the perfect choice for search & rescue, survey and safety cover.  We are expanding our production in order to produce these craft for our distributors and search and rescue services around the globe. 

3 BHC700 models are available fitted with either Toyota Petrol or VW Diesel engine options:

BHC700C (Commercial) - designed specifically for kit & cargo/equipment transport, it has a front enclosed cuddy, leaving the rest of the deck open for ease of loading & unloading. Geo-tech/survey, crew transfer & observation platform are just some of the versatile applications this hovercraft model has to offer: £75,000 Petrol / £80,000 Diesel

BHC700SR (Search & Rescue) - part enclosed cabin & part open deck, this model has all the attributes for recovering personnel, kit & even sporting activities such as fishing/wildfowling trips for those who like to access the most difficult, otherwise inaccessible spots: £85,000 Petrol / £90,000 Diesel

BHC700S (Shuttle) - fully enclosed from the elements this craft can seat up to 9 (incl pilot) for numerous applications, from river tours, island hopping & recreational use, this model can be equipped for various specifications & bespoke ancilleries from radar, TV screens to Air Con: £95,000 Petrol / £99,999 Diesel

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