"How To" Video Guides

BHC YouTube Channel
Small hovercraft - how to stay safe at sea!
Briggs & Stratton V-Twin - How to modify crankcase for Flying Fish/BHC hovercraft fan frame.
How to remove the speed governor from a Briggs & Stratton engine for use in a BHC Hovercraft
Loading a Marlin Hovercraft onto it's trailer
How to wash down a Flying Fish hovercraft after salt water operations
How To remove Briggs & Stratton (external) governor and replace camshaft
How to Drive a Flying Fish Marlin Hovercraft
Getting 'over the hump' in a Coastal-Pro Hovercraft with three on board.
How to build/install a Marlin/Snapper hovercraft fan frame.
Thrust testing BHC Hovercraft, why, how to - and what it tells us.
How to start Coastal-Pro Hovercraft engines.
How to adjust the belt run on a BHC Hovercraft, Marlin, Snapper, Coastal-Pro.
Adjusting the tappet clearances on a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine.
Changing the fan blades on Marlin & Snapper Hovercraft