Nimble BHC Freestyle Hovercraft

Well the sun was shining so there seemed like only one thing to do! Get out on a hovercraft!

Beautiful Waterways

Due to the lockdown and serious lack of hovercraft related fun it was time to dust of The Joker, join some friends and get out for a mini-cruise to test the craft.

6 craft were confirmed for the day but due to unforeseen circumstances (likely pubs gardens now being open) it ended up being 3 craft. We launched at 9:30am from The Strand, Gillingham and headed down to Allington Lock, of course being very considerate on the way to all other water users and obeying the speed limit.

Historic Scenery

There was Rob in his Marlin III, myself in “The Joker” Beast XL and Mark in his trusty Freestyle. The trip down to Allington was a very smooth cruise and with the sun shining it was a beautiful setting to be in. Lovely views, an array of wildlife and some very inquisitive spectators were all encountered on the way. Once at Allington we took a while to have a break, float around and admire our surroundings.

Black Widow Submarine

It was then time to head back to Upnor Castle for a nice cold beverage (non-alcoholic of course). Passing on the way Rochester Castle, The Black Widow (Soviet Navy Submarine) which is moored in Rochester and also passing Chatham Historic Dockyard. As is always the way with hovercraft cruising we found ourselves thinking why not go a little further, so we did! A slow cruise up past the forts at Darnet and Hoo, onto Queenborough where we heard on the VHF radio that there was some jet ski’s in trouble not far from us. We waited and soon heard that the brave team from the RNLI had launched their hovercraft from Southend (we hope everyone was safe).


Cruising back with the late afternoon sun beaming down made us realise how much we had missed this. Now we have 6 locations over the South-East Coast this summer is going to great for BHC Cruises. As promised we will be launching our cruise calendar soon after COVID restrictions allow, so watch this space…Happy hovering

Why so Serious!? Haha!

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