Scream if you want to go faster!

It was great to be invited to a local primary school to demonstrate one of our smaller hovercraft and offer rides for some of the pupils & staff.

Deal Parochial School were coming to the end of their Hovercraft STEM (Science, Technology Engineering & Maths) Project, and what better way to conclude this other than to have a real hovercraft & pilot visit the school to answer questions, educate and show how this amazing British invention really works?

BHC were proud to support the school in encouraging the next generation of budding engineers and scientists.

Some pupils were chosen to have a ride in the hovercraft for their outstanding engagement in the STEM project, with one happy Year 5 pupil saying "you haven't lived until you've flown in a hovercraft!"

The Year 6 pupils also visited us here at our BHC factory - to see the process of hand-building our hovercraft, from the traditional engineering methods of using milling machines, lathes and hand-laid lamination of fibreglass to the electrical engineering & engine fitting.

We also set the challenge for a new graphic design for our BEAST hovercraft, incorporating the name of the craft and of course, a 'British' theme. There were many amazing entries by the pupils - but one stood out as a clear winner, designed by Hugo! See the photos of this amazing design.
There is so much local hovercraft history here in Kent with the old Pegwell Bay (Ramsgate) & the Dover-Calais Channel crossings which still have their old hover-pads in situ.
So it was a privilege to be engaged with a local school teaching about this important local history.
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