HCGB Membership Included

HCGB Membership Included

The British Hovercraft Company have the pleasure of including a years membership with the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain with every new craft purchase.


With 6 club branches across the country, the HCGB have been our national organisation for racing and recreational hovercraft for over 50 years.

Hovercraft cruising has become a way of life for some, it’s an excellent way to get out and explore whether that’s mudflats, shorelines, lakes & rivers or hunting for treasures in the mud.

Reaching areas other vessels just can’t and taking part in the number of cruising events held around the country is really great fun!

A great day with hover-friends

To learn more about hovercraft cruising and even join us for some hover-fun on our next outing then please contact us via the web contact form or by email on info@britishhovercraft.com

Call +44(0)1304 619820 or Whatsapp +44(0)7496 089537

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Fun in the mud