Here at BHC we have the most amazing team of talented fibreglass/GRP laminators & mould makers, with over 100 years experience between them. The knowledge in their field is second to none, so it’s not surprising we receive requests to make bespoke mouldings of products that are no longer available or easily sourced.
From panelling, bespoke housing to replacement parts on classic cars, trucks, race cars etc - we get all manner of requests to challenge our team!
Our attention to detail & traditional, hand-crafted methods give a high quality finish & the difference that makes our service stand out from the rest.
· Every part is handmade, no machinery is involved in any part of the process.
· The moulding belongs to the client, so should you decide you wish to manufacture the end part feel free. BHC hold no rights to the moulding, it belongs to you.
· No minimum purchase, no need to order 10 when you only need one! BHC have no minimum order quantity.
· No set up fee, unlike most companies. As our moulds are handmade there are no nasty set up cost for machinery, we quote a price and that’s it, no hidden extras.
· Top quality materials, we only use the very best at BHC and it shows, no cutting corners on quality here.
· Should you need a constant supply of parts and wish for BHC to quote for weekly, monthly, or even yearly supply we have special rate for repeat orders and set payment plans for bulk orders.
· Discuss any tweaks or changes to your design/part with our team, we're flexible.
· No storage fees, who needs the hassle of bringing the moulding to and fro, no need.
Also, we here at BHC will store your mould for free!