BHC don't just service BHC hovercraft models, it's great to see other manufacturers' craft arrive at our facility.
This commercial hovercraft currently with us will benefit from engine & electrical servicing, fan assembly & skirt inspection and with BHC's comprehensive hovercraft knowledge & experience, improvements can be implemented if required.
Team BHC are hover-enthusiasts and keen to get all hover-pilots up & hovering again, keeping any craft down-time to a minimum.
Hovercraft should not be left sad & neglected in a shed somewhere - they love to be used, facilitating commercial projects or providing recreational fun and putting smiles on faces.
With BHC's wealth of hovercraft knowledge attained over decades, our engineers are on-hand to give support to all craft, with options to suit all budgets.
We can even arrange a BHC Hovercraft Engineer to make an onsite hovercraft assessment & service works if required.