Hovercraft skirt material is becoming like hen's teeth!
However, BHC has secured a bulk shipment of this specialised, hard-wearing material.
Therefore, we can offer our usual, high-quality, skirt textile service - where our in-house Seamstress hand-crafts skirts for BHC models & other hovercraft.
We have templates for various skirt types, or you can supply your own.
We can also offer just the material itself.
We have perfected our skirt design over decades & the performance is superb - see photos
Bespoke skirt segments: £15 each - discounted rates for a complete skirt
Material only: £12 per linear metre (roll is 1.5m in length)
The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.- ask for a quote.
VAT to be added for UK orders
Plus postage costs for UK or world wide shipping.
Collection is free & includes tour of our factory, to see how these awesome, amphibious machines are hand-built.