🔧**North West UK Hovercraft Servicing**🔧

🔧**North West UK Hovercraft Servicing**🔧
BHC have a trusted representative in the North West of the UK who can support our valued hovercraft owners, in supplying BHC parts, pilot training, craft servicing and warranty works.
We know it can be difficult to travel all the way to the South East corner of the UK to bring your hovercraft to our BHC factory for hover-works, so we are proud to provide a hovercraft service based in the countryside of Lancashire, for all your hovercraft needs.
Our BHC representative has many years of experience working with and racing hovercraft and can offer a full range of services including fibreglass repair, engine servicing and supplying BHC parts.
All our hovercraft are hand-built to order - which model would you like?