Hire / Rent a Marine Air Cushion Vehicle MACV

As of June 2014, and following two years of discussions with the MCA, we can now provide bespoke Marine Air Cushion Vehicles (MACV’s) for hire without a requirement for the craft to be commercially coded. We do this through our sister company Coastal Transit Services.

Our own company manufactures MACV’s for a variety of commercial applications. As the world’s largest manufacturer of both utility and recreational hovercraft, we have over 20 years experience and have combined this with commercial/emergency services feedback to produce an advanced and efficient craft which is specifically aimed at commercial operations.

Using hovercraft technology, the MACV has been designed and constructed to comply with the 2014 Maritime & Coastguard Agency ‘Hovercraft Code of Practice’ (HCoP) and is designed to operate reliably in a marine environment. It’s role is to provide a cost effective, fast and (most importantly) safe transport and working platform for commercial applications such as intertidal & near-shore Survey work, Environmental Monitoring, Biotope Mapping, Intertidal Archaeology & Sampling.

Samples can be taken from within the vehicle, and it is able to cover an enormous area more effectively than any other vessel. Powered by a quiet 4-stroke engine means it causes little disturbance, and exerts less pressure on the surface than 12″ of tide. It’s genuinely the most environmentally sound way of travelling through sensitive areas such as SSSI’s or areas designated to protect wildlife or environments. In fact, the Environment Agency use and operate an air-cushion vehicle for their own work.

Save Time & Money

If your current methodology includes walking across estuaries, mudflats and saltings carrying heavy equipment, the MACV is likely to massively reduce the time and money spent on the work.

For more information on MACV rental – contact Coastal Transit Services


  • Length: 4.5m
  • Width: 2.1m
  • Weight: Approx 300kgs
  • Payload: Up to 350kgs on water, more possible on land or in overload capacity with reduced performance.
  • Hull Construction: Reinforced GRP Laminate, kevlar reinforced floor.
  • Buoyancy: Foam filled plenum, positively buoyant when swamped.
  • Seating: Flexible layout allowing up to four persons and/or cargo space.
  • ‘Lift’ Engine: 13.5hp 4-Stroke. Electric start.
  • ‘Thrust’ Engine: 50bhp 4-Stroke engine. Electric start.
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 35mph (56km/h) depending on load and conditions.
  • Cruising Speed: Approx 25mph (40km/h) depending on load and conditions.
  • Fuel Tank/Range: 35litres giving approx 3-4hr duration/100 mile range.
  • Skirt: Neoprene coated nylon ‘segmented’ skirt in approx 70 segments.
  • Thrust Duct: 1.1m with two rudders and flow straighteners.
  • Safety: Fire extinguisher, manual/electric bilge pumps, twin 12v electrics with battery cut-out, mud-escape system, radar reflector, safety lanyard, VHF Marine radio.
  • Navigation : Navigation lights, Chart plotter.

If your current methodology includes walking across estuaries, mudflats and saltings carrying heavy equipment, the MACV is likely to massively reduce the time and money spent on the work – as well as reducing the risks of operating in such a dangerous environment. The MACV also removes any damage to the bed or seagrass caused by travelling on foot – there is no environmental impact whatsoever.

The MACV(tm) is at home on dry land, marshland, beaches, mudflats, saltings and any depth of water – pretty much any surface you may encounter with up to 4 persons on board. Deployment is possible onto the majority of beaches or waterfront access locations, meaning that transfer times are reduced.

Skippers are provided, qualified to a minimum of RYA Powerboat 2 or equivalent, and type rated by BHC.

MACV‘s are charged out on a day rate, plus deployment and disbursements such as travel/accommodation and available both in the UK and overseas.