BHC are proud to be able to offer a piece of hovercraft history as we have a rare, fully refurbished 1987 Pindair Skima-4 (AKA Tiger) available for sale. Refurbished by BHC in conjunction with GLP Projects Ltd.

Pindair Skima-4 Hovercraft: First introduced in 1973 the Skima-4 was used worldwide in a variety of utility, rescue, security, military and civilian applications. This 3rd generation design took a quantum step incorporating the unique inflatable hull, patented skirt, high power, ducted fan and spacious cockpit to carry up to 4 people. The Skima-4 hovercraft can carry more than it’s own weight at speeds of up to 30 knots, a very responsive, easy turning craft which causes no wash on water and makes light work of shallow waters, mud, weeds, rapids, shingle, sand, ice & snow.Easily transported on it’s ‘Skim-on’ trailer or even simply dissasembled – this hovercraft packs into a box of only 2 cubic metres!

Cockpit: Skima-4 is wider than most inflatables and so gives more deck space, the seating can either be laid flat for sleeping or even removed for carrying goods.

Controls: Simple centrally mounted controls can be operated by either of the front seat pilot positions. a tiller operates the 4 balanced air rudders. The engine throttle is mounted on the tiller and the splitter control is on the dashboard. There is a key operated electric start switch and choke knob are also located on the dash.

Fuel system:Removeable outboard petrol tank, which has a gauge and carry handle.

Inflatable Hull: The 4 compartment inflatable hull made from durable Hypalon provides massive periferal buoyancy and anti-capsize surfaces, while also acting as an impact absorbing fender. Lightweight with GRP, non-slip decking the hull is designed to flex in rough conditions and the raised deck allows comparitively large obstacles and waves to be negotiated.In cold conditions the hull flex prevents ice build up and in hot conditions there are auto-release pressure valves. towing and davit lifting points are provided as well as thick rubber landing skids.

Skirt: The 1980’s type of loop & segment skirts gives good stability, longlife and excellent sealing with minimal drag on all surfaces.There are 100 separate skirt segments which have easily replaceable snap-on attachments. The material is suitable for all climatic conditions and has excellent wear & tear resistance. With exceptionally low cushion pressure, spray is virtually eliminated, so no drainage or scooping problems.

Lift & Propulsion: The integrated lift and propulsion system has a single axial fan driven by a high torque, toothed, drive belt transmission, housed in a modular GRP duct unit. The fully guarded fan has 6 replacement high strength fan blades and is exceptionally quiet and efficient. A variable splitter behind the fan ensures that the air cushion is supplied with sufficient air for varying conditioins.

Engine: The twin cylinder 2 stroke engine has a high power to weight ratio, this engine is also used in snowmobiles, airboats, ATV’s, go-karts and racing hovercraft for many years and is fitted into an acoustic enclosure.

Trailer: The Skim-on’ trailer has 2x 300mm wheels with 4-ply tyres, on independant suspension. It has a flatbed for easy hover-loading, drop down tailboard and sides, standard 50mm ball hitch, jockey wheel, hand-operated winch and standard electrics.

Loose Equipment: A tool kit, combined inflator and bilge pump are standard equipment. Other upgrades, craft cover, paddle/oar, life jackets and mooring lines can all be easily stored and provided at extra cost.This historical hovercraft is located here onsite at our factory in Kent and includes the original trailer in the saleTo arrange a viewing or discuss further please contact us:

Worldwide shipping available