With an ever increasing demand for commercial and rescue hovercraft, our Coastal Pro 3-4 person hovercraft has proven to be the best tool for the job over many years. For intertidal areas there is simply no better way to travel. It’s safe, fast, economical and reliable.

We have combined our 30 years experience with commercial and emergency services feedback to produce an advanced and efficient craft which is specifically aimed at commercial and rescue operations. At just 74dbA, our award-winning Coastal Pro is probably the quietest production hovercraft available in world!

The Coastal-Pro has proved it’s value in a variety of demanding conditions. From a search and rescue ops on frozen Finnish rivers, to UXO detection in Kuwaiti oil pits, it’s provided a platform for commercial and utility work such as accessing island homes, intertidal crew transfer on civil engineering projects, geotechnical survey platform and regular TV and media work.


“I’m in my first year of industrial use with my XL Coastal Pro MACV Hovercraft. It has already expanded our client base and the aftermarket care is second to none. We will be buying another soon.

The hovercraft is on its first project supporting under bridge cradle installation for painting activities then moving onto crew transfer and safety support later in the year to allow pontoon access at all states of the tide on this site. The hovercraft had to comply with many HSE requirements on the site and environmental agency conditions – it passed with flying colours!

The job is progressing nicely. Currently installing the under bridge access supported by our rescue techs, this is a challenging site for water safety it has good sized mud flats with a shallow channel at low tide and a deep tidal river at high, the hovercraft takes this in its stride ensuring casualties can be brought ashore at any stage of the tide.” Ron Richardson Swiftwater Solutions Ltd

When built to MACV specification, it includes the following upgrades:

  • Stronger hull for the knocks and bangs inevitable in commercial work.
  • Fire resistant resin in engine bay area.
  • Steering lock for emergency use.
  • Manual bilge pump (in addition to electric pump).
  • Navigation lights, all-round white light, 70W lighting bar.
  • Seats modified for mud-escape.
  • Certification – manufacturers a build certificate.
  • Additional fire extinguisher.
  • Lifelines.
  • Compass.
  • VHF radio and antenna.
  • Anchor & Scope.
  • Paddle/boat hook.

And here’s some good news. Following publication and adoption of the MCA ‘Hovercraft Code of Practice CoP-23) small hovercraft are able to operate in limited commercial roles without a requirement for coding (see the Code for details of operating areas and crewing requirements) This saves a considerable cost and of course, whilst there is a specification which must be met, the MACV designation will be applied to BHC which are built and certified to HCoP commercial standards.

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