The 2019 Marlin Beast

The new upgraded 2019 Marlin Beast is available to order now! Whether you’re using it for personal recreation, driving/activity events, light commercial work, utility use or rescue support, the ‘Beast’ is simply the highest-spec, most exciting and desirable personal hovercraft on the market today!

New for 2019

Simple to fly/drive with just a few minutes training, the Marlin ‘Beast’ is fast and almost unbelievably good fun! It flies 30cms above any sealed surface – for instance, mudflats, grass, ice, tarmac and water of any depth. Launch at high or low tide, cruise over sandbanks and water – there’s no beach out of reach! The joy it provides extends to a hassle-free ownership experience. The Vanguard V-Twin engine is a quiet and economical, electric start engine – it gives fantastic performance with outstanding reliability. The Marlin Beast is fully ‘marine-ready’ with stainless steel and alloy used throughout, marine-spec wiring and padded upholstery. When the days events are concluded, the shiny GRP hull cleans up back to a perfect finish with no effort at all!


✅ 3.7m long (0.5m longer than the previous Marlin) giving extra deck space area.
✅ Optional larger 33L fuel tank for increased cruising range of up to 100 miles.
✅ Extra foam buoyancy and increased floatation.
✅ Improved planing ability and gives improved stability at higher speeds compared to previous models.
✅ Additional under seat storage space.
✅ Upgraded electrical wiring connectors for easy access.
✅ Now fitted with 3 rudders for improved steering.

Payload 2-3 Persons (approx 200kg).
Max speed 40mph and 20MPG.
Fully marinized and floats like a boat.
Standard Fittings LED ‘cyclops’ headlight, navigation lights with all-round-white, etched acrylic dashboard with switching, speedometer, tacho/hour meter, 12v charger port, non-slip rubber flooring, ‘aero rudders,’ upgraded upholstery, graphics set, wide range of colours available.
Upgraded dashboard / panel.
Upgraded, 37bhp Hi-Torque ‘Savage’ engine – with Hour meter and rev counter.
Piped marine quality fabric seating.
All-round LED white light and navigation lights.– Yellow beacon, ‘all round white light’ as required for marine navigation.
Rubber non-slip flooring.
Colour keyed, acrylic dash panel with Rev Counter, USB charge socket, GPS Speedo/heading compass.

The Beast can also be upgraded with the following options & extras:

Teak-effect flooring 
Deck lighting 
Davit/Lifting points 
Chrome parts kit
Metal-flake GRP finish
Arctic kit (cold weather operations)

Don’t delay, order yours today! Worldwide shipping available. 🌍

Want to be wowed?

Try before you buy at regular demonstration days down here at Sandwich – why not come along and try one out?

Contact the BHC Team:
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The new 2019 Marlin Beast