British television presenter Natalie Graham flying the BHC Marlin Beast – “Hovercraft are fantastic!”

British television presenter Natalie Graham (who presents BBC South East‘s South East Today and also presents the region’s Inside Out) took flight in our Marlin Beast Hovercraft at The British Hovercraft Company (BHC) recently as part of a new Inside Out programme, which will be broadcast on the evening of Monday 21st January 2019 on BBC1. The programme is about the 50th anniversary and history of the hovercraft. It will also feature Natalie in action piloting our Marlin Beast hovercraft, BHC’s president Ivan Pullen, the famous SRN4 which operated from Dover to Calais, the Hovercraft Museum in Lee-on-the-Solent and Hovertravel’s Griffon craft from Southsea to Ryde on the Isle of White.

Lights, camera, action!

BHC Sales Manager & Instructor Dave Larkins said “Natalie took to flying the Marlin Beast like a duck to water. After covering the basics and demonstrating she had a good level of control, we put together some action shots for the Inside Out programme filming. As soon as Natalie heard ‘action,’ she took off in the ‘Beast’ like a rocket, letting out screams of excitement and grinning from ear to ear. She performed high speed fly-by’s over the land and water, up and down the grass, doing so many 360 degree spins that even I felt dizzy watching. She was clearly having a lot of fun, even managing to deliver her script to the camera whilst piloting the hovercraft – not an easy thing to do, but she mastered it like a pro! Film directors take note, Natalie Graham piloting a hovercraft is a full on, action packed, adrenalin fuelled, exhilarating experience to behold, potentially an idea for a movie!

Piloting a hovercraft yourself or flying as a passenger is simply a huge amount of fun. Whether using them for recreation, commercial, utility or search & rescue purposes, there’s nothing that comes close to that ‘magic’ feeling of travelling over land or water on a cushion of air – you’re actually flying and there’s no beach out of reach!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Natalie and the BBC crew, we all had a great day filming and look forward to the Inside Out programme on the 21st of this month. Be sure to tune in, it’s well worth a watch!” 

Hovercraft, tea and buscuits – What could be better?

Natalie Graham with BHC President Ivan Pullen and Instructor Dave Larkins

Cameraman Nic Small enjoyed filming whilst riding in the back of the Marlin Beast – yes you really can do this in a hovercraft!

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Happy hovering!