Occasionally, you may see that we advertise what we call ‘Bitsa’ Hovercraft. The name comes from the fact they are made from ‘Bits of This and Bits of That’ where have GRP parts which come out of the mould with a slightly sub-standard finish.

We can’t fit these parts to a production craft. But the parts we use are structurally fine, they just have flaws such as a scratch, chemical ‘pickling’ or a slight crack/light damage. Once we have enough parts to match up the colour and make it viable, we turn these parts into a ‘Bitsa’ Marlin. Coastal-Pro or Snapper. It is sometimes built with (for instance) a reconditioned or low-hour engine, slightly used or discoloured skirt, maybe a slightly lower final spec than standard where it excludes instruments or trim. We’re very demanding on our quality standards, and in actual fact, what we reject may well be considered acceptable by other manufacturers.

In all cases, the craft are built to our usual high-standard, and come fully warranted as per our standard production craft. The specification changes are clearly explained before sale, so that you can be 100% clear exactly what you are getting. In most cases, the craft simply has cosmetic flaws within the fiberglass parts, easily covered by graphics (or mud!)

All the hovercraft below are ‘Bitsa’ hovercraft, and as you can see – they all look great!



This Coastal-Pro even works as a promotional vehicle!