Straight from the manufacturer, this Coastal-Pro is a late 2013 build and was displayed at the 2014 Excel Boat Show in London.

It’s fitted with a very powerful Toyota 996cc three cylinder engine giving approx 80bhp and spectacular performance. It can seat up to 4 adults and has a capacity of approximately 350kgs – it’s been tested up to 40mph and has simply phenomenol lift characteristics – it’s inegrated design means that it lifts as soon as power is applied and never runs out of lift even in demanding conditions.

It’s fully prepared for salt-water conditions, is strong and reliable. The screen is very protective in poor conditions and it floats extremely well when on the water with the engine turned off (it makes an ideal fishing platform as its extremely stable due to the skirt acting rather like a sea-anchor.)

I’d estimate it has around 60-80 hours use providing demos to customers and general cruising.

It’s currently liveried in a chequer pattern (vinyl graphics which can be removed if required) and comes with dry storage under the seating, paddles, life-buoy set and fire extinguisher. I’ll be very sad to see this craft go – it’s been enormous fun and is actually pretty sporting in character, not at all lumbering or difficult to control. This is a serious bit of kit suitable for maritime use in either a recreational or light commercial role.

To see some video of this actual craft in action, click the links below.

On-board (from 2m25sec) or three up (7m50s)

There’s also plenty of videos of identical Coastal-Pros to see on Youtube.

New price for this craft is £19,750%20VAT – and they rarely come up for sale used, so grab a bargain!

Trailer can be supplied for an extra £750.00

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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