Just in time for Christmas- here’s your chance to be one of the first owners of a fabulous new Marlin III hovercraft at an introductory price.


The Mark III is an evolution of the best selling Marlin II – but with many improvements to what was already the world’s best selling hovercraft. Improved presentation includes a new one-piece mould that incorporates the screen into the main hull and so removes the awkward join between the two, it looks better and also makes the hull more rigid as well. Seating has been revised and is more comfortable, slightly higher and now finished in marine quality fabric.A new splitter plate design and much larger air receiver have improved noise levels slightly and gives improved lift characteristics. New rudders have improved steering as well as adding slightly to the thrust the hovercraft produces. Underneath, the floor is now constructed of foam composite, so is to all intents completely resistant to piercing by sharp objects, adds further hull stiffness and flotation. The plenum chamber is now laid up ‘inside out’ so that it features a smooth finish to the exterior – much more resistant to ice or mud sticking to it. The plenum surfaces are now curved as well, making for a larger, more free flowing plenum chamber which is much stronger and displaces more water – the Mark III floats much higher than the Mark II and is very resistant to roll.


As standard, the Mark III comes with upholstered seating, speedo/heading compass, tacho and hour meter, Phase II skirt, new design of headlights, navigation lights and yellow beacon. The net result of all these changes is that the Mark III looks and feels ‘more expensive,’ – moving from a Mark II to the Mark III feels like stepping out of a Kia and into a Mercedes!

We believe we’ve designed the finest leisure hovercraft available anywhere in the world – add in a 50bhp Rampage engine and we think it’s probably the fastest too! To get things started, and get some Mark III’s out there, we’re offering a ‘10% off-or-free-trailer’-incentive to the first 5 retail craft ordered, but the offer ends December 31st 2013, so be quick! For more details – call us on 0044 (0)1304 619820 or mail us on sales@flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk