Well, it wasn’t going to end well was it…..?





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Something of a fraught weekend, and for me, one best forgotten (and actually, parts of it already are… ten minutes unconscious does that!) but I keep getting asked for the on-board footage of my high-speed accident so here’s a 5 minute video of the weekends fun and games. Skip to 5:30 if you only want to see the crash!

Next year the plan is to focus on the European Hovercraft Federation Championship (EHF). Dates have been released as below – and hopefully there will be a World Hovercraft Federation (WHF) World Championship event as well…..

24/25/(26UK only) May 2014 Hacket lakes UK Combined UK National & EHF meeting
21/22 June 2014 Prudhomat France
30/31 August 2014 Saalburg Germany
20/21 September 2014 Towcester UK Combined UK National & EHF meeting