Jason Kuehn, is a nationally recognized expert in the hovercraft industry with 18 years of experience. He founded Slipstream Hover Technologies 2005 which specializes in parts for hovercraft. His company has grown significantly and is now the largest parts-only hovercraft company in the U.S. Jason is a keen innovator and has lead the advancement of US hovercraft technology in several key areas by releasing several groundbreaking new products. His primary focus however is customer satisfaction  – customers who buy from Slipstream know that they’re buying a quality product and that the company will stand behind it if they ever have a problem.

In December 2012, Jason formed Hoverstream, LLC to market complete, turn-key hovercraft and chose to come on board with Flying Fish with the Marlin & Coastal-Pro models as they allow him to offer the best ‘price to performance’ ratio available. The Marlin model is the only high quality, high performance hovercraft available in the US for under $20,000.

For more details, visit Hoverstream at http://hoverstream.com

Picture below of Hoverstream’s Jason Kuehn handing over a Marlin to a client.