As if building hovercraft all week wasn’t enough, this weekend sees the beginning of the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain national championship and Flying Fish will be competing.


Racing under the ‘Volantis Racing’ banner, driver Russ Pullen and mechanic Alex Hopper are making the long haul north to Magnolls Farm in Accrington for Round One. Russ is racing the Cobra hovercraft in Formula 2 – powered by a Simonini Paramotor engine providing lift, and a Suzuki GSX-R600 engine for thrust. In trials yesterday, it proved quick to say the least – question is… is the driver as good as the craft? Formula 2 is a hard fought category and has some very quick and experienced drivers competing.


Cobra racing hovercraft hulls were designed by Belgian hovercraft racer Jos Vanderhoven and are now available from Flying Fish from just £1,500.00%20VAT as a self assembly item.  


If you haven’t seen hovercraft racing, you need to! Its loud, fast and exhilarating with craft up to 200bhp (and no brakes of course!) competing over a land and water course against one another. For details about this weekend’s meeting- click the link below