After moving in to our new factory last year we have already run out of space! With the BBV coming on line in the next month it is time to say goodbye to the beast!

The A.V Tiger is a fully amphibious vehicle able to operate in areas inaccessible boats or wheeled vehicles. Ice, swamp, debris, sandbanks and tidal areas present no challenge for this amazing machine. It frictionless travel and specially modified BMW Turbo Diesel engine means it is economical, and cheaper to run than a conventional boat. It can trasnport up to 1 tonne of weight in overload capacity, delivering straight onto the land keeping everybody dry and materials safe from water damage.

The Tiger can operate at any time of the day irrespective of tidal state. Among the most versatile vehicles on earth, the Tiger can be used very effectively in numerous commercial roles (commercial coding may be required in some countries) for survey and engineering work, crew transfer, tourism, oil and windfarm support. A variety of racks and carriers can be incorporated on the superstructure for transporting seismographic and general survey equipment, pipe work, cabling etc.

Fully fitted out for comfort and safety, the Tiger is unlike most other hovercraft in featuring huge inflatable sponsons, giving huge buoyancy and stability when at rest on the water.

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