Considering buying a recreational or cruising hovercraft? Read everything you need to know in our buyers guide. Whether it’s new or used, big or small, there’s lots to consider.

Bag skirts or segmented? Fibreglass or HDPE hull? Car engine? BMW Engine? Microlight engine? Briggs & Stratton? Propeller or fan? What’s important is whether you’re planning to buy a new hovercraft or build a kit hovercraft – it’s got to be safe and it’s got to work!

Sound obvious? ebay is usually full of unfinished projects and hovercraft being sold because they don;t work properly. Our hovercraft buyers guide contains loads of information gained from over thirty years of hovercraft operations which should help make sure your experience of hovercraft ownership is a good one!

As enthusiasts and active Hovercraft Club members, we genuinely want people out there safely using their hovercraft, whether built or bought. We encourage participation in organised events such as hovercraft club cruises and work with authourities to get hovercraft recognition as a viable and safe marine vessel. So, the better it goes for every hovercraft owner, the better it is for the industry and hobby.