New for 2013

It’s with enormous pleasure that we can announce that Flying Fish Hovercraft have signed a deal with UK Designers BIll Baker Vehicles to manufacture the BBV5 Hovercraft under licence.
With the new, larger Coastal-Pro hovercraft released in 2012, the new product is a logical progression for Flying Fish who are frequently asked for larger craft. Using many of the same components and manufacturing techniques as the companies existing products means that design and development costs have been massively reduced which means that the craft can be competitively priced and  produced in significant numbers, sometimes badged as a BBV6 hovercraft in its wider body form.
The BBV5 is a 5/6 seat craft with a protective cuddy for the driver which can be extended into a full length cabin. Manufactured from GRP, it features separate lift and thrust systems which offer excellent efficiency and low noise levels. As with all BBV designs, it features innovative and efficient fan technology and hull construction. 
The BBV design is a proven and capable hovercraft of which over 60 have been manufactured. they are in use in many countries for such diverse applications as cold weather taxi, ambulance and emergency and mud rescue.
 Introductory pricing is from £32,000.00 %20 VAT and deliveries will commence from April 2013.
Some photos below… The orange craft was built by Ivanoff Hovercraft of Sweden and Is currently in use as a mud rescue hovercraft on the River Severn estuary by burnham area rescue boat (BARB) and is similar to the new Flying Fish version.