It’s been a pretty good year for UK cruising, with some really successful events and lots of new folks joining in the fun. Next year, the plan is for more of the same, some new venues and a couple of new events which may add to the fun.

On behalf of the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain, what we’d like to do is to add some competitive aspects into overall cruising events for those that enjoy a challenge. Challenge complete, the events will all comprise a decent cruise as well. This is an addition to – not a substitute for – cruising events. A number of new members who have taken an active part in the cruises this year have indicated they’d enjoy some competitive events – so I thought we’d kick it off in Spring next year and see how it’s received.

Event One will be a ‘Circuit of Sheppey’ timed event. In the best traditions of rallying, there will be a passing resemblance to a ‘road section’ where a speed restriction will apply. In all, it’s aroun

d a 26 mile trip through some varied terrain with a couple of control points to ensure safety.

Event two – I’m in negotiations to make a return to a venue we previously used which is a fantastic cruising site and makes for a great weekend’s activity. It’s ideal for a mud-race and the idea seems to have grabbed hold of the local tourism people. For those that haven’t seen or competed in a mud race, it comprises a (usually) one hour race over arising or falling tide. Long laps mean the track changes all the time with gullies or obstacles appearing that weren’t there a lap ago! It favours a cautious approach to keep the skirt on the craft and not make a silly mistake and it’s truly insane amounts of fun – the ultimate test of craft and driver and there’s plenty of craft out there at the moment suitable for this type of event.

Basically, it’s real racing, none of your poncy grassy field stuff!

If these two catch the imagination and get decent attendances, we’ll see about adding some more in.

If you think you might be interested in this type of event, drop me an email to so I can gauge interest – no commitment, just an expression of interest!