The South East of England is a rubbish place to live…..if you have wings or fins!

With small Hovercraft now readily available at the price of a small boat or jetski, the ‘Bear Grylls’ types amongst our customers have started to use their hovercraft to catch their own dinner.

With it’s ability to access prime wildfowling areas and rich fishing spots, hovercraft allow the caveman to get to places nobody else can. Earlier this year, we sold a hovercraft to a client in Australia, who used it to access his favourite fishing hole at ‘Dirty Creek’ – previously an 8 hour hike through shallows and sandbars where no boat could go. Armed with his new Marlin, he was Fishing within an hour of launching and by the time his mates arrived, he was on the way home with all the big ones! 

Meanwhile, down here in Kent, UK – Phil & Dave use their hovercraft most weekends to shoot and fish in the River Medway. Phil’s Labrador even rides with him (wearing doggy ear defenders!) and goes to work when they arrive! Trips are pretty lucrative – as you can see!