Hovercraft Torture Testing - Torrential Rain, High Winds & Salt Water!

added by russ on October 7, 2014 at 08:15

What were we thinking? It was Carl's fault, he wanted to spend his birthday out on his hover. The weather forecast was for 25mph gusts and torrential rain. For once they got it right. Together with 3 Marlin II's, it was also the first time out in such terrible conditions for the new Coastal-Pro MACV.

We returned some three hours and 20 miles later very cold, and soaked through to the unmentionables - but we did prove that our craft can take pretty much anything you can throw at them!

Take a look at the video, and leave a comment/like it (if you do!)

Flying Fish Marlin III, Coastal-Pro and BBV500 hovercraft are ready for marine usage. Days like this teach you plenty and having experienced many of them over the years, we know our hovercraft perform extremely well even in the worst conditions.

The Coastal-Pro is the new 2014 3-4 Seat Hovercraft from Flying Fish which is designed for the commercial market. With Hovercraft legislation having completely changed in 2014, small hovercraft can now be used for a huge range of intertidal and shallow water applications such as water sampling, nearshore survey,Water Quality Sampling (Benthic, WFD, Plankton sampling,) Intertidal Fish Stock Monitoring (Seine and Fyke netting) Ecological Survey,Tidal Flow Monitoring,Accoustic Survey (Hydrophone) Bank Erosion Surveys, Bridge and Structural Surveys, wildlife Monitoring such as bird, seal & cetacean and habitat survey.
One day, who knows, maybe the Coastguard will finally see sense and buy some hovercraft for Mud Rescue!


Current Pricing 2014, ask for full pricing.

Complete Component Sets to build your own Snapper or Marlin II from £5000+VAT
Marlin Hovercraft - New - from £8750.00+VAT
Coastal-Pro from £19,950.00+VAT

Three more Minnow Hovercraft leave tomorrow!

added by emma on March 13, 2014 at 11:52

I'm pretty sure my toys weren't this much fun when I was a lad - a hoop - and a stick if I was lucky.

Anyway, three more Minnow Hovercraft leave us tomorrow for their lucky new owners. Enjoy yourself lads!



added by emma on January 2, 2014 at 05:38


WANTED : General Manager / Accounts Manager for SE Kent based manufacturing company. Flying Fish manufactures around 100 small hovercraft each year, employs 20 people and exports to a dozen countries from our factory in Sandwich. In  order to achieve consistent, targeted, production deadlines, we need an experienced full-time manager to join the management team,  overseeing all aspects of production staff management including fibreglass hull manufacture, engineering and fitting out. In addition, the manager will be required to administer company book keeping and accounts, including VAT reconciliation and filing, deal with suppliers and customers and have knowledge of Quickbooks or similar accounts software.

This role will suit a mature and experienced person with a working mechanical knowledge, a management and accounts background and the ability to motivate and organise staff.
Flying Fish is a small but expanding company, and this is a key role - so  you'll need to display a flexible, committed and proactive approach which can assist the management team at the highest level.

The role is 40 hours per week, plus extra hours as required in busy times and the successful candidate will start at the end of January.

For more details, please send your CV to Emma or Russ at Flying Fish Hovercraft,  via email : russ@flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk

Hovercraft article in the Telegraph

added by emma on November 5, 2013 at 04:51

A fairly brainless article, but good coverage for our friends at Griffon Hovercraft!


Somebody likes our hovercraft!

added by emma on November 4, 2013 at 07:10

Overall, I guess we should be flattered! I'm pretty sure that whoever designed this game saw a photo of the RAF Coastal-Pro online!



Cholmondleley Pagaent of Power - Round 3 of the HCGB National Hovercraft Championships.

added by emma on June 20, 2013 at 06:06

A superb weekend racing at Cholmondeley saw the Volantis Hovercraft Racing Team finish first in Formula 2 with four wins from four starts - so a pretty good weekend!

Having finished third on the first meeting of the year, and fist in the last two rounds, with three rounds gone, theVolantis Cobra of Russ Pullen now leads the championship. Now to keep up the momentum for the rest of the season!

Next stop, Claydon House on July 20/21st. This is followed by a European race meeting at Prudhomat in southern France a week later.


Formula Two          
no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo season
Russ Pullen 17 25 25 67
31 Team Polfrey 20 17 20 57
71 Kevin Tunaley 11 13 14 38
47 Wayne Ravenhall 15 14 9 38
92 Section4 9 15 10 34
77 Bernie Hook 10   17 27
100 Team Razor   12 15 27
73 Double A Racing 13   13 26
316 Team Castrol 25     25
62 James Limburn 14 7   21
50 Team Goldney   20   20
80 Team Wiggin 8 6   14
63 Team Buzzwagon     12 12
83 Nice But Dim Racing 12     12
111 John Cotton     11 11
44 Andy Griffith   11   11
39 Phil Jakeman   10   10
40 Wayne Hill   9   9
32 Fred Wilson   8   8
95 Nationwide Fire 503 7     7
130 Geoff Sweetman 6     6


Video from the last Open Race of the weekend.


 Photo below courtesy of Rhiannon Black Photography - thanks Rhi!

MCA - Coastguard meeting sets new direction for hovercraft industry.

added by emma on June 6, 2013 at 04:11

Yesterday in Southampton, we attended a meeting with the MCA / Coastguard, which could be one of the most significant steps forward in the hovercraft industry for 50 years.

The meeting, hosted by Simon Milne, head of vessel Standards, is something I've been negotiating ('nagging' according to Simon!) for over a year as current legislation was preventing the use of small hovercraft for commercial applications such as weed spraying, survey work, environmental inspections, crew transfer, standby and safety applications and the like. Small craft operating close to shore in categorised water and over mudflats bear more relevance to 'equipment' than vessels and as such will be exempted from a 'coding' requirement with the reponsibility for safe operation being administered under an industry voluntary code of conduct and HSA regulations. With the framework discussed and broadly agreed yesterday, the door is open for us to supply hovercraft to numerous small businesses to legally utilise the unique abilities of these craft.

With more stringent regulations and craft specification, it will even be possible for to use the new BBV500 hovercraft for broader commercial applications such as ride giving and passenger movement - ie for hire or reward.

In short, in line with government policy, the industry will become more self-regulatory. We also agreed other relevant requirements such as driver qualifications and experience.

The meeting was attended by the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain, Griffon Hovercraft, Hovercraft Society, the BIS, Lloyds register and existing commercial operator, Dr James Thurlow from Intertidal, who contributed a lot of practical advice and experience to proceedings.

It is hoped that these changes can be implemented by the end of 2013, but the wheels of government can turn rather slowly, and with exemptions and policy documents required, it's likely to stretch into next year before its all finalised.






Hovercraft Club National Hovercraft Championship : Round One - Magnolls Farm

added by emma on May 8, 2013 at 10:16

The bank holiday weekend saw the opening round of the national championships and after an absence of 9 years, Flying Fish were back racing, this time in Formula 2 under the banner of our premium range - 'Volantis Racing.' Back over the closed season, we'd bought our racing craft from Belgian designer/driver Jos Vanderhoven - a twin engine Cobra F1/F2 using Suzuki GSX-R600 and Simonini paramotor engines.  


With little time to try the craft out before the season begun, we headed north to Accrington (a 9 hour drive in holiday traffic!) with little experience of driving it. Practice revealed a few niggly problems which persisted into the first race resulting in a non-finish. But from thereon, things improved with driver Russ Pullen starting to get to grips with the 140bhp craft, a 4th place finish being followed by a 3rd, 5th, 2nd and finally - overtaking meeting winner Klaus Bonighausen for a race win. Overall, this was good enough for the last step of the podium, a 3rd place finish in the teams first meeting was a good result.


Next stop is 'Hacketts Lake' in Nottingham which is the first round of the European championship, where some serious  overseas competition will be expected, including World Champions Magnus Ivanoff and Michael Metzner who are now both campaigning some real top-flight machinery in Formula 2.


So, we're a happy bunch here at Flying Fish this week and would like to extend our thanks to Charlie & Jill Peach for their hospitality at Magnolls Farm and the North-West branch for organising a very enjoyable meeting. Roll on the 25/27th May and Hacketts Lake. For more details, click here. http://www.hovercraft.org.uk/calendar.php?do=getinfo&day=2013-5-25&c=1



Flying Fish back hovercraft racing in 2013!

added by russ on March 25, 2013 at 06:44

With the last couple of years being massive ones, there's been very little time to think of anything except the business (although 'business' means talking about, demonstrating and working on hovercraft design so it's pretty enjoyable most of the time!) and we've not had much time to go racing. But it feels like the time's right once more so I'd planned to build a bespoke racer from a hull kit. But with one thing and another, there was insufficient time so I started looking around for a complete craft and just happened to stumble across some interesting information about a Formula 2 hovercraft that was for sale in Belgium. I'm too big for Formula 50 or Formula 3 - and too scared to race in Formula One, so Formula 2 seemed like my natural home.

So, late last week, my dad and I jumped into his motorhome with a trailer on the back and shot over to Belgium to look at the Formula 2 'Cobra 5P' Hovercraft of Jos Vanderhoven, the creator of the fabulous 'Cobra' racing hovercraft. Jos is retiring from racing and had his own craft for sale, a Cobra 5P built to a very high specification. Looking over the craft, we were extremely impressed with the build quality and standard of finish. So what makes it go?

In the front is a separate lift engine, a 200cc Simonini Mini 2 Plus which is producing approximately 20bhp at 5500rpm. In the to push her along... oh boy... a Suzuki GSX-R600 motorbike engine which has a full Akropovic exhaust and piggyback ECU fueling system to provide something around 140bhp. So that's around 150-160bhp in a GRP hull which weighs a bit over 325kgs with me on board. Gulp.

Current fashion for racing craft features a long, tapering bow, which helps with lift at high speed and has advantages in the turns and the Cobra follows that design, it looks great and whilst it has only had three outings in Jos's hands, it's already been noted for it's performance. As a result of it's limited use, it's in fantastic condition and is quite ready to race.

So - with just six weeks to go before the first UK Meeting in Accrington, there's plenty of time to try the craft out and find a set up that we're happy with. If all goes well, we'll be racing the European Hovercraft Championship (EHC) which consists of four rounds, two in France, one in the UK and one in Flottsbro, Sweden. In the meantime, hopefully we'll also compete in a few of the popular UK rounds run by the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB)  www.hovercraft.org.uk If you're not familiar with Hovercraft racing, take a look at this Youtube video from Prudhomat, one of the French rounds of the EHC.


Spectacular stuff eh? Surprised If you want to know more about hovercraft racing or cruising, then get in touch and join up to the with the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain, at just £27/year, you'll have access to loads of information and events.

So, watch this space for updates, it's going to be an interesting summer!









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