Cholmondleley Pagaent of Power - Round 3 of the HCGB National Hovercraft Championships.

added by emma on June 20, 2013 at 06:06

A superb weekend racing at Cholmondeley saw the Volantis Hovercraft Racing Team finish first in Formula 2 with four wins from four starts - so a pretty good weekend!

Having finished third on the first meeting of the year, and fist in the last two rounds, with three rounds gone, theVolantis Cobra of Russ Pullen now leads the championship. Now to keep up the momentum for the rest of the season!

Next stop, Claydon House on July 20/21st. This is followed by a European race meeting at Prudhomat in southern France a week later.


Formula Two          
no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo season
Russ Pullen 17 25 25 67
31 Team Polfrey 20 17 20 57
71 Kevin Tunaley 11 13 14 38
47 Wayne Ravenhall 15 14 9 38
92 Section4 9 15 10 34
77 Bernie Hook 10   17 27
100 Team Razor   12 15 27
73 Double A Racing 13   13 26
316 Team Castrol 25     25
62 James Limburn 14 7   21
50 Team Goldney   20   20
80 Team Wiggin 8 6   14
63 Team Buzzwagon     12 12
83 Nice But Dim Racing 12     12
111 John Cotton     11 11
44 Andy Griffith   11   11
39 Phil Jakeman   10   10
40 Wayne Hill   9   9
32 Fred Wilson   8   8
95 Nationwide Fire 503 7     7
130 Geoff Sweetman 6     6


Video from the last Open Race of the weekend.

 Photo below courtesy of Rhiannon Black Photography - thanks Rhi!

Formation of the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association (HMA)

added by emma on March 12, 2013 at 11:17

Dear All

It is with enormous pleasure that I can announce that the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association was formed on Friday March 8th 2013.

The aims of the Association are to develop and mature the hovercraft industry, promoting their use in recreational and commercial roles, represent the industry to the media and legislative authourities and work together to ensure that our members produce safe hovercraft.

It is open to all full-time, professional hovercraft manufacturers all around the world and expressions of interest are encouraged from companies who could not make the inaugural meeting. An associate membership is available to manufacturers of craft exclusively for racing. The initial fee for each company is £200.00 (£100 Associate) to cover the initial set up costs (website/design/PO box etc) but it is anticipated that subsequent years shall be considerably less.

The contents of a draft constitution were discussed and will be made available in revised form in due course, as will full meeting notes.

The officers elected were as follows.


Chairman : John Gifford

Secretary / Treasurer : Russ Pullen


Formative Members

Norfolk Hovercraft

Vortex Hovercraft

Flying Fish


K&M Products (Eagle Hovercraft)

BBV Hovercraft

Flying Fish Hovercraft


Work will now commence on website, logo, organisation and administrative work.

The HMA would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the President of the  'World Hovercraft Organisation,' Tony Drake, for his kind offer to chair the meeting. The meeting ran efficiently and was kept firmly to the Agenda for which we were all grateful. The HMA hopes to strengthen and develop its ties with the WHF, EHF and HCGB Organisations as well as  and enthusiasts, distributors and other operators.

For more information, contact the HMA via secretary, Russ Pullen on (01304) 619820 or






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