Chrimbo Craft Retail Discounts.

added by emma on November 30, 2012 at 11:29

January is going to be busy…. with several confirmed orders already placed, delivery times may be slightly longer than usual.

However, to keep the momentum up over the Christmas period and stop our staff from getting into the Christmas spirit too early,) we're offering a two tier discount… one of which will mean you need to move quick!

Order a new hovercraft (Marlin Freestyle, Extreme or a Coastal-Pro) by Friday 10th December and you'll receive a juicy 10% discount off the retail price. PLUS we'll include a free cover worth £350.00 at no cost, Saving you over £1704.00 (based on a Marlin Extreme purchase.)

Order after 10th of December but before the 31st and receive a 5% Discount off the retail prices Saving you £642.00  (based on a Marlin Extreme purchase.)

Just to complete the deal, we'll extend the discount to a trailer purchase if made at the same time!

50% deposit with order, not available in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

Jolene Van Vugt, Wheelz, Bilko Williams, Ethan White and Dusty Wygle from Nitro Circus drive Marlin Hovercraft!

added by emma on November 21, 2012 at 08:55

A hilarious day with the Nitro Circus crew last week - and remarkably we didn't need to fish anybody out of River Medway! Together with the crazy - but fun! - Nitro Circus crew, we took a few Marlin II Hovercraft out onto the mud and water to film a segment for the next series of Nitro Circus. Being fans of the show, we had no shortage of volunteers to come along and help out!

The Nitro Circus guys and girls are all BMX'ers, Skateboarders, Motocross riders and all round Adrenalin junkies, so they all took to it very well and competition was hot... if you ignore some of the gamesmanship (wrong siding course markers / blocking and pushing each other into the freezing cold river....)

They all had a great time, we were high-fived and back slapped nearly to death and the whole event was described as 'Awesome' so overall, yup we reckon it was a success!

Overall winner was Jolene Van Vugt, who destroyed F35 World Champion Jake Cooper in the final race. The show goes out in April, kinda looking forward to seeing it!








Christmas Bargain!

added by emma on November 19, 2012 at 05:25

£2000.00 off!!! Only used once!

Man injured working on hovercraft engine.....reported on Channel 9 News Australia.

added by emma on November 2, 2012 at 07:37

A Sydney mechanic almost lost a finger and suffered head injuries when a hovercraft engine he was working on suddenly whirred into life.

The 60-year-old was tinkering with the engine at Wedderburn Airport, southwest of Sydney, on Friday morning when its seven-blade propeller began spinning.

The force of the impact on the man's head and hands caused four of the blades to snap off, the Ambulance Service of NSW said.

"The propeller has started spinning, striking his head and hands," NSW Ambulance acting inspector Aaron Casey said.

"He had injuries to his forehead and lacerations to both hands.

"He also had a partially amputated index finger."



Last year in New Zealand, a doctor was killed outright when his home built hovercrafts propeller came loose and struck his head.

Now this! A man working on an engine on the bench miraculously 'suddenly whirred into life'  (which let's face it - is impossible...there's more to this story than we're currently being told) and was struck by the propeller resulting in serious head injuries.

And yet again, the hovercraft in question is a homebuild.

In no way am I against the principle of building hovercraft at home but it can be so dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, have no practical experience of hovercraft or simply don't take enough care or lack caution - just once. And the reason we at Flying Fish stick to using fans instead of big, heavy, high energy propellers? Because in 30 years of using hovercraft I have never heard of a single death (or even serious injury) from a fan failure... but that's two extremely serious accidents in the last year involving propellers.  When a propeller fails, it contains an enormous amount of energy and inmost cases, unlike a fan, it's impossible to guard safely.

This was the last one...

This is a sad and awful accident - the question is whether any lessons will be learned from it, or whether we can expect one serious accident a year from home built hovercraft featuring dangerous propeller installations.

Everyone here at Flying Fish wishes all the best and a speedy recovery to the injured man.







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