New Fleet Off To Oz...

added by Benn on April 21, 2011 at 08:00

This new fleet of Flying Fish Hovercraft consisting of 3 Snappers and 2 Marlin II craft are off to our sister company in Australia.


The Marlin II's are for customers out there but the Snappers will be used on their corporate site called "The Big Fish", to see more of the fun days they have click the link below.

Also recently they were on the T.V again appearing on the "Totally Wild Show" and here is the link for it. See if you can guess who the Stag is....

Flying Fish Hovercraft Sheppey Cruise....

added by Benn on April 13, 2011 at 10:08

Thanks to all the guys who came out to play at Sheppey the weekend and made it a fantastic trip. These pictures were taken by Nelson Wood who led the cruise and showed us some amazing sites.



These pictures show it is only the hovercraft that can access these places that no other vehicle can. After a trip from Sheppey Bridge to Harty Ferry then to Faversham Creek then back to the bridge twice totals atleast 35 miles or more.

Then on the Sunday it was a real treat to cruise the Swale River & the Medway River and then back to Queenborough for a nice dinner.


and in the words of one of the cruisers " GOOD TIME, GOOD FUN & GOOD COMPANY"....

To see footage of the first day of the cruise click the link below, complements of Mr Peter Shergold.


added by Benn on April 5, 2011 at 10:28

If only Scott of the Antarctic had a Flying Fish...

These 2 Marlin II hovercraft have been in the Greenland Ice Cap now for the last 2 springs and have seen it through the harshest of winters seen any where in the world. Fitted with a specially designed (by Flying Fish Hovercraft) "Arctic Pack" these craft can work in temperatures below freezing.



Once they had arrived in Greenland the craft were used for a variety of purposes but mainly to help with the ice surveys being carried out there. Being a truly amphibious vehicle it was only the hovercraft that could complete such a task as when the lakes start to melt in spring the ice is to soft to walk on.

The craft were also used for transportation of equipment and filming as the whole expedition was filmed by the BBC and will feature in a program called Frozen Planet later on this year.



Keep posted for more information coming soon on the Greenland Expedition featuring the Marlin II Flying Fish Hovercraft...


Race Of Champions 2011...

added by Benn on April 4, 2011 at 11:11

These pictures were taken last weekend during our race of champions held at our venue in Kent. The day was a great success and after a refresher session all of the competitors were ready for action. After a few relay races with the staff there was an eliminator event that saw Mr Corey.J.Smith crowned as the 2011 Hovercraft Adventures champion.











Well done to all of our other competitors on that day and thank you all for the effort you put into making it a great day.

Look out for the 2012 final where we will have Corey back to defend his title against the top pilots from the leader board from this year.







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