Marlin, Marlin & Marlin

added by Benn on February 22, 2011 at 15:47

This picture was taken last saturday when Mr Roy Thompson took delivery of his new Black & White Marlin II. After a training session we went for a short cruise around the corner of the south-east coast and was thrilled to see a couple of seal's swimming beside us and generally having a play with our craft.



Keep posted for the next post when we go for a cruise on the Swale & Medway rivers in the very near future or join us at www.facebook/flyingfishhovercraft and keep up to date with all the other events that happen with the worlds leading manufacturer or lights-sport cruiser hovercraft.

Flying Fish Hovercaddy....

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Hovercraft have been used for many purposes over the years but none quite as unusual as this..

This picture was taken during a demonstration at Wensum Valley Hotels. The demonstartion was held on the golf course and the Flying Fish Marlin II is one of very few vehicles that could have spun around the greens without causing any damage at all to the perfectly kept grass.




After a brief training session Mr Basil Todd easily learned to master the controls of the Marlin II. The hovercraft really turned the heads of the golfers who were on the course that afternoon as we glided from green to lake to fairway and back again.

Check out the great website and facilities of Wensum Valley at


Hartlepool Hover...

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This is an article from last weeks edition of the Hartlepool Mail when Hartlepool Marina took delivery of their shiny new White Marlin II called the Hatlepool Hover. They are going to give rides to customers and hands on experience of driving the craft.




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This new colour from Flying Fish Hovercraft is a first and looks great with real contrast between the Black & White. Fitted with headlights, fuel gauge, navigation lights, beacon, bilge pump and rev counter this craft is loaded with some of the extra's offered with the Marlin II hovercraft.


This craft has been purchased by Mr Roy Thompson and stay tuned for the pictures that will be taken when we go out for a cruise and half days training at the weekend on the sea at Ramsgate in Kent.


Checkout some of our other video's on our youtube chaneel at










Air Vehicles Tiger 12 Restoration Project...

added by Benn on February 8, 2011 at 16:17

Here are the latest photo's of our Tiger 12 hovercraft that we obtained from the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-On-Solent. With a maximum speed of 56 knots and a range of 435 nortical miles this truly amphibious vehicle can reach terrain that no other vehicle can.


Originally produced in Cowe's in the 1970's the Tiger 12 can seat 2 pilots and 10 passengers with a payload of 998kg. 


Click the link below and see how the project began in the Hovercraft Museum Newsletter.

Keep an eye out for the latest on how the project is progressing or join us at http://www.facebook/flyingfishhovercraft

Search & Rescue Marlin II

added by Benn on February 7, 2011 at 07:57

These photo's were taken in Hungary and show the Flying Fish Marlin II taking part in a search & rescue exercise. The Marlin past with Flying Colours and managed to achieve the rescue of a person from the icy waters with 2 people already on board.



Great new video from Ride Leisure...

added by Benn on February 3, 2011 at 09:01

Check out this new video from the guys at Ride Leisure who use the Marlin II Flying Fish Hovercraft. With top performance & handling the Marlin II is even giving their jet bike a good run.

Also have a look at their fantastic website for more footage of the Flying Fish Hovercraft in action.


Flying Fish Hovercraft proving to be popular in Australia.

added by Benn on February 2, 2011 at 05:40

Now up and running the Flying Fish Hovercraft driving experience in Caboolture, Queensland is proving to be extremely popular not only with the public but with the TV celebrities too it would seem.

In The last couple of weeks Flying Fish Australia has not only been a real asset to the emergency services during the floods they have also been great viewing for the Australian public as well. Check out these great shots of the presenters of 'The Totally Wild Show' and 'The Great South East Program' all getting to grips with the controls of the Flying Fish Marlin II.






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