Hovercraft Skirt

Our 'in-house' seamstress is able to provide skirt for any hovercraft from your pattern.

We stock open and rear segments for the BHC range as well as previous Flying Fish models. We also have templates available for Osprey, Norfolk Hovercraft and HovPod models.

In fact, we have a revised design for the HovPod skirt made of a much thinner material than that which is supplied a standard which we believe improves performance and 'hump' capability considerably with excellent wear characteristics.

All our small craft segmented skirts are made from the material we use on our own production hovercraft - a lightweight nylon, coated with neoprene and 'a little something extra' which we have developed together with our material supplier. The material has excellent 'tear and wear' characteristics but its flexibility is such that it provides a superb seal for best performance.

If we don't already have your skirt design in our database, just send us a sample, from which we can quickly make a template and produce segments for your hovercraft.

We also offer a skirt design service if you don't have a segment, or you're building a hovercraft without a pattern.

If you wish to return used skirt segments to us (for Marlin, Snapper & Coastal-Pro models only) we can either repair them or credit you an 'old core' price as they can be repaired and reused.

As a guide price, most segments cost around £6.00-£9.00 depending on size.
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