Snapper - Single Seat Hovercraft.

The Snapper was the hovercraft that got us started and it's as fresh today as it was back then!

Just 2.9m long, you cannot help but smile when you get behind the controls. It's quite simply a huge amount of fun.

Whether it's belting around a grassy field or exploring mudflats and estuaries, the Snapper is the perfect, fun vehicle unlike anything you've ever driven before.

The Snapper is extremely easy to drive - which is why it's the hovercraft of choice for virtually every UK hovercraft driving events businesses. But it's much more than that - it's fully marine ready, with stainless steel fittings, marine grade wiring and enough flotation built in that it will float even if completely swamped.

The Snapper is ideal if you want a first craft to learn in. It's so small that we've seen kids of 11 years old driving them (with adequate training/safety gear of course) and can take up to 130kgs maximum weight depending on conditions.

Noise levels are very low, and using a simple 23bhp 4-Stroke engine means that it's very cheap to run - no more than approx 5-6 litres an hour. Skirt segments can be individually replaced so if you do damage one, then it's literally a one minute job to change it. The whole idea of the Snapper is that its fun - and that includes making it very easy to service and look after.

The simplicity of the Snapper doesn't mean that it's built to any less quality than any of our larger hovercraft. The glasswork and engineering are all to the spec you'd expect from The British Hovercraft Company. What the simplicity does mean is that you can buy it complete and on the button, or in kit form to assemble yourself.

We hold regular demonstration days down here at Sandwich - why not come along and try one out?
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