Marlin 'Platinum Black' Edition

The Marlin II 'Platinum Black' is the 2013 Limited Edition hovercraft for the most discerning buyer.

As a yacht tender or unique recreational toy, it is unmatched for the sheer fun it provides. It can travel over land, water, mud, sand, ice and snow with impunity - unload at the top of the slipway and simply drive down it and on your way, there's no need to worry about the tide!

It features a hand laid GRP fiberglass hull in a black and silver metal flake finish which catches and reflects the light for stunning visual impact. Internally, it has a carbon fibre dash, low level LED 'mood' lighting to illuminate the teak effect deck, and extensive instrumentation for the driver. The comfortable seating is matching, hand finished 'Sunbrella' with storage below and grab handles for the passenger(s). There are headlights to complete the look, with all necessary navigation lighting mounted on the duct to the rear.

If you need to lift the Platinum Black (for instance onto a quayside or yacht) then there are chrome davit points. It weighs just 250kgs so is easily handled on either land or water. The floor is constructed from hard wearing kevlar, and completely flat so it can be parked on a yachts duckboard without causing any damage.

But there's much more to the Platinum Black than it's superb looks. At it's heart beats a 50bhp 'Rampage' 4-Stroke engine which gives the hovercraft an amazing turn of speed with 50mph a distinct possibility - in experienced hands we should add! With the ability to carry two or three people for the thrill of their lives, it turns, spins and accelerates like nothing you've ever driven before. Yet, this responsive machine is but is simplicity itself to operate - control is via handlebar steering and a simple 'brake' style throttle lever.

Like all BHC Hovercraft, the Platinum Black will float like a boat with the engine turned off, so you can take in a spot of fishing (even in a shallow water creek nobody else can get to!) or run up onto a beach - no hauling a boat back to the water when the tide goes out! And to justify the 'safe' side of your brain, you can expect the frugal engine to provide a range of up to 100 miles, maintenance is very easy and it comes equipped with a fire extinguisher and bilge pump. Hovering a full 12" in the air, the flexible skirt comprises 60 separate segments, so in the unlikely event of any skirt damage, repairs take literally seconds to replace.

It's registered on the Small Ship Register, is in all respects a 'boat' and doesn't need any special license to drive. Insurance is less than £200.00 a year. Under adult supervision, kids as young as ten can drive with some training and practice, and believe us when we tell you the kids will want to drive it. Platinum Black is one toy you'll never get bored with!
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