The 2016 Coastal Pro / Coastal Pro MACV

At just 74dbA, the Coastal-Pro is probably the quietest production hovercraft available in Europe!

The Coastal-Pro is a 3-4 seat hovercraft designed for both recreational and light commercial usage.

The primary aims for the new twin-engined Coastal-Pro were for superb overall performance and low speed control, low noise levels (at cruising speed, the noise level is less 74dbA) and excellent load carrying capacity. We're delighted that we've achieved all these. And as a bonus, it looks fantastic too!

The basic design was laid down when we provided a prototype to a company operating in UXO disposal in the middle east. Our brief opportunity to test the craft before it left showed that we'd got the lift system, skirt and hull design spot-on first time. Further research into the production version centred on developing the basic idea for the more common utility and commercial applications we currently supply.

Based on the well-proven 'chassis' of the 2013 Coastal-Pro, the new hull construction is GRP, with Kevlar and core material reinforcement to add stiffness and abrasion resistance where needed. The floor is constructed from inch thick core making the hull very stiff and resistant to impacts. It measures 4.3m x 2.1m and features separate control systems for lift and thrust. Power comes from the amazingly robust Vanguard V-Twins that have featured in our smaller hovercraft for many years - which has also meant we could retain the proven transmission system. Power is available in two specifications, 35bhp and 50bhp 'Rampage' - but even with the standard 35bhp version, performance is very lively but the extra power is useful when loaded down in challenging conditions. The thrust fan is much larger than the previous Coastal-Pro at 1.1m, and spins extremely slowly - so noise levels are very acceptable. The 600mm lift fan is powered by a single cylinder B&S air cooled engine encased in a sound-deadened screen which protects the engine from even the wave strikes and keeps fan noise very contained. The craft has approximately 25cms of lift which gives generous obstacle clearance.

The hovercraft shown here is built to MACV™ specification which may need a quick explanation.

For well over two years, together with Griffon Hoverworks, the British Hovercraft Company has been negotiating with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to revise the rules pertaining to small hovercraft operating in a commercial environment. Previously, surveyors struggled to apply boat legislation to hovercraft so obtaining 'coding' was a very hit and miss affair. Together with Griffon Hoverworks, we have completely re-written the small workboat code to apply to hovercraft - and this is now in place and named 'The Hovercraft Code of Practice.' In short, it allows small hovercraft to operate in limited commercial roles without a requirement for coding. Of course, there is a specification which must be met, and the MACV(tm) designation will be applied to BHC which are built and certified to HCoP commercial standards.

Coastal-Pro Specification

Hull construction - Glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass) with core materials and Kevlar reinforcement.
Protection - Six landing pads and perimeter aluminium strip.
Fan protection - 2"/50mm guard to front of duct.
Dry Weight - Approx 660lbs/350kgs depending on spec.
Payload - Up to 770lbs/350kgs on water, depending on conditions, more possible on land in a reduced performance capacity.
Seating - Padded seating in 'T' shape arrangement for three/four persons. Clip-in rear 'bench' seat can be removed to provide deck space.
Steering - Handlebars with lever-style throttle control and fixed throttle for lift engine.
Length - 13'8"/4.3m (off cushion)
Width - 7'0"/2.10m (off cushion)
Height 5'0"/1.5m (off cushion) 5'10"/1.75m (on cushion)
Thrust Engine - 'Hoverised' Vanguard air-cooled, V-Twin High-Torque 37bhp engine. 50bhp 'Rampage' engine available for demanding roles.
Lift Engine - 'Hoverised' 13.5bhp air cooled engine.
Starting - Both engines, electric.
Thrust Engine Max Revs - Static 3800rpm
Flotation/Buoyancy - Floats and starts on water, positively buoyant when swamped.
Noise - 74dbA (25m) at cruising speed. Maximum 78dbA at full power (loudest possible reading)
Fuel Capacity - 7 Gallons/35 litres in removable tank.
Range - Approx 100miles/160kms, depending on conditions.
Maximum Speed - Approx 40mph/70km/h depending on surface/wind/load.
Cruising Speed - Approx 28mph/45km/h depending on surface/wind/load.
Skirt - Neoprene coated nylon in 68 replaceable segments.
Lift - Approx 10" (25cms) which gives 8" (20cms) obstacle clearance.
Thrust Fan - Four or Six 6Z Blades, 1100mm duct, 93m/s tip speed.
Lift Fan - 7 3Z blades in sound deadened compartment.
Flow straighteners - 13 concentric, give extra thrust & fan protection.
Lights Two headlights, yellow beacon, navigation and all-round white light as standard.
Battery - Single or twin 12v batteries (change-over switch & twin charging systems in MACV spec.)
Electrical System - Marine grade wiring, IP66 Switching.
Standard Fittings - Passenger grab handles, towing eye, mooring cleats.
Instruments - GPS Analogue display Speedo, COG Compass. Hour meter.
Water Ingress - Two drain plugs to void interior, high capacity bilge pump.
Strengthened load points - Handles, tow eyes, cleats, frame, steering etc. Can be fitted with davit/lifting points.
Storage - Side pockets, under seat storage and rear seat removable to provide a small deck area.
Engine/Fan frame/Exhaust/transmission - Stainless steel.
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