Marlin III now available at early-bird discount!

added by Emma on December 10, 2013 at 07:57

Just in time for Christmas- here's your chance to be one of the first owners of a fabulous new Marlin III hovercraft at an introductory price.


The Mark III is an evolution of the best selling Marlin II - but with many improvements to what was already the world's best selling hovercraft. Improved presentation includes a new one-piece mould that incorporates the screen into the main hull and so removes the awkward join between the two, it looks better and also makes the hull more rigid as well. Seating has been revised and is more comfortable, slightly higher and now finished in marine quality fabric.A new splitter plate design and much larger air receiver have improved noise levels slightly and gives improved lift characteristics. New rudders have improved steering as well as adding slightly to the thrust the hovercraft produces. Underneath, the floor is now constructed of foam composite, so is to all intents completely resistant to piercing by sharp objects, adds further hull stiffness and flotation. The plenum chamber is now laid up 'inside out' so that it features a smooth finish to the exterior - much more resistant to ice or mud sticking to it. The plenum surfaces are now curved as well, making for a larger, more free flowing plenum chamber which is much stronger and displaces more water - the Mark III floats much higher than the Mark II and is very resistant to roll.


As standard, the Mark III comes with upholstered seating, speedo/heading compass, tacho and hour meter, Phase II skirt, new design of headlights, navigation lights and yellow beacon. The net result of all these changes is that the Mark III looks and feels 'more expensive,' - moving from a Mark II to the Mark III feels like stepping out of a Kia and into a Mercedes!

We believe we've designed the finest leisure hovercraft available anywhere in the world - add in a 50bhp Rampage engine and we think it's probably the fastest too! To get things started, and get some Mark III's out there, we're offering a '10% off-or-free-trailer'-incentive to the first 5 retail craft ordered, but the offer ends December 31st 2013, so be quick! For more details - call us on 0044 (0)1304 619820 or mail us on


A Christmas Miracle.... hovercraft rescue bambi!

added by Emma on December 5, 2013 at 08:54
Here's a Christmas story to warm your heart....two hovercraft on a frozen lake in the USA come across some deer who'd got way too 'Bambi' and were completely incapable of moving off the ice. Fortunately for them, they received a tow ashore. All caught on video. What isn't made clear is whether the fellers involved then quietly made the most of the opportunity presented by the deers misfortune. I mean, it IS Christmas, and rocking up back home with a haunch of venison would be greatly appreciated wouldn't it? So remember folks, if you don't buy a hovercraft, Bambi WILL die. But if you do buy a hovercraft, you can CHOOSE whether to eat Venison or not.

Best ebay Hovercraft advert...ever!

added by Emma on December 4, 2013 at 04:55

For those that aren't challenged enough by buying a fully working hovercraft... the ebay advert below may be of interest. 

You'll need access to some tools of course.... a strimmer, shears - possibly a JCB. But once swept up, fixed up with a new hull, new engine, new fan assembly, transmission, skirt and steering, 'Triggers Broom' will be a fine hovercraft.

And do remember, this bargain is a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) as there's a second craft included with this one free of charge (though the vendor does say it's one worse condition than the one pictured.)




added by Emma on November 29, 2013 at 05:28

 Due to a last minute cancelled order, we have four craft available immediately at hugely discounted prices. They're in our way and we need them gone!

Two off MARLIN PLATINUM BLACKS. Top Spec 2-3 seat Marlins with Rampage 50bhp motors, teak effect floors with mood lighting, chrome kit, analogue tacho and speedo dials, metallic metal-flake black/g...rey coachwork, luxury marine upholstery and navigation lights.

Two off TOYOTA COASTAL-PRO'S Brand new 3-4 seat craft fitted with the superb Toyota 1.0 litre 80bhp 1ZR engine. One is completely black, and one looks amazing in a black hull with turquoise and orange trim. Fitted with spotlights, lifelines and blue emergency lights (if required) Spectacular performance and ideal for utility applications or as a cruising craft.

Massive discounts of retail prices - please enquire for details! - 01304 619820

Sad News - Lewis Collins.....

added by Emma on November 28, 2013 at 08:24
Actor Lewis Collins (Bodie from the Professionals) passed away today - 33 years after he crossed the channel in a small hovercraft. The 'Channel Club' has one less member today.....

Buy a hovercraft - end of year/end of line bargains!

added by Emma on November 21, 2013 at 10:53

End of year Bargains!!

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The world's best selling hovercraft - last chance to grab a bargain!

From only £7000.00 + VAT!


With the introduction of the new Marlin III, we have just a handful of slots available for production of the Marlin II and we're making available at an 'end of line' price!

These UK, hand built machines provide incredible thrills and are a fantastic first craft for leisure or recreational use. They're easy to drive, look after and store and are absolutely the most exciting and addictive way to get onto the water… or mud, sand, snow, grass or beach!  In fact, these amazing little machines will travel over almost any 'sealed' surface at speeds up to 45mph.

They're absolutely fantastic in intertidal areas, and can travel straight from water to land and back again without any change in the sensation of 'floating on air.' And floating you are - 25cms above the ground on an air cushion which means you glide effortlessly over small obstacles and can fly straight up the slipway or beach to the waiting trailer!

Choose from either the 'Freestyle' - the basic version or the more highly specified 'Extreme.' The Freestyle offers a simply equipped craft with all the thrills of its more highly specified brother which has also found a home amongst many 'driving events' businesses both in the UK and overseas - and is priced at just £7,000.00+VAT


Alternatively, the 'Extreme' adds a dial kit, upgraded engine, padded seating, lights, and increased colour choice. The last few bargains will be priced at £8900.00+VAT.


But be quick - when they’re gone, they're gone, and the Mark III has to be more expensive!

The Hovercraft

  • Your choice of colours from our standard range.
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 35bhp (freestyle) or 37bhp (Extreme) engine
  • Revs at just 3800rpm
  • Low noise (78dbA at 25m) at a low frequency
  • Electric start
  • Very frugal – drinks just 5-6 litres fuel per hour.
  • Commercial engine power means long service intervals and long service life.
  • Very robust craft and engine.
  • Cheap and easy to maintain segmented, flexible skirt.
  • Simple driving controls consisting of handlebars and throttle – that’s it!
  • Training takes less than ten minutes per driver.
  • The only small hovercraft to have made multiple two way crossings of the English Channel.
  • Completed eight challenging 1000km ‘Rhone Raids’ on Rhone & Soane Rivers.
  • National Coastal Racing Champions in 2005/2006
  • Inaugural National ‘Formula 503’ champions and current front runners in Formula 2.
  • Suppliers of craft to the makers of the BBC’s ‘Frozen Planet’ for use in Arctic conditions.
  • As driven (and loved!) by 'Top Gear's' Jeremy Clarkson, and the 'Nitro Circus' crew.
  • The only small hovercraft to have completed a two way crossing of the Irish Sea.
  • In use around the world in hundreds of different applications from flood response to cockling and from mud-sampling to yacht tenders!

 For more details, take a look at our website at or contact Emma on 01304 619820 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 01304 619820 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting for a chat.


Or a Marlin II Extreme for only £8900.00 + VAT

Call or email us today for spec and availability!


Hovercraft for commercial operations - an update on changes to the current legislation. The 'Hovercraft Code of Practice'

added by Emma on November 19, 2013 at 07:29

The negotiations with the MCA (maritime & Coastguard Agency) are moving on well, with the draft of the 'Hovercraft Code of Practice' submitted on November 14th and the next meeting scheduled for December. If the proposals of the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association (HMA) are accepted, then small craft such as we manufacture, will be quite usable for commercial operations, subject to adherence to a very clear set of regulations.

These regs have been written by the industry and are simple to understand and apply with a clear 'road-map' showing how to adhere to the necessary requirements of the new rules. Basically, the two categories that apply to the Flying Fish range of craft are as follows.

'Ultralights' - Up to 500kgs un-laden weight with less than 4 persons on board, engaged in commercial operations but not carrying passengers. The effective resolution here is that Ultralight craft will be basically bound by Health and Safety legislation, should be built to the standards of the Code and will be certified by the manufacturer. However, there will be but there will be no requirement for the vessel to be coded by the MCA. This does not in any way exempt the operator from gaining the necessary permits of permissions to operate from Authorities/harbourmasters etc. Petrol engines are now an acceptable option. Effectively, this allows us to supply Coastal-Pro's for such applications as survey. geotechnics, weed, aquatic plant spraying, utility work and specialist commercial applications such a standby / safety vessels etc. Operations must be 'supported' and close within shore.

'Light Hovercraft' - Up to 1000kgs un-laden weight and less than 24m in length with up to 8 persons on board. This is the entry level for passenger operations, and allows small craft to use Petrol engines up to 175bhp within 20 miles of a safe haven. This category will allow small craft (such as our BBV500) to take passengers 'for hire or reward' - even the Coastal-Pro will be eligible for this category subject to more rigorous standards.

The next category up doesn't (at present) concern us is :

'Small Hovercraft' - Over 1000kgs un-laden weight, under 24m in length and with less than 12 passengers within 60 miles of a safe haven.

The rules will also clarify the situation for hovercraft which are used for recreational use and driving events (such as our Marlin) and racing (such as the Cobra) I must stress though, at this stage, these are only the proposals, and some details may change but I'm pretty sure that the basic structure will be accepted for small hovercraft in commercial operations.

Make sure to 'like' our facebook page and we'll keep it updated with the progress made.







Hovercraft Racing Video from Gang Warily....'THAT' accident!

added by Emma on November 13, 2013 at 10:42

Well, it wasn't going to end well was it.....?




01304 619820
Cobra Racing Hull Kits from £1,500.00+VAT
Complete Marlin Leisure Hovercraft £13,500.00+VAT

Something of a fraught weekend, and for me, one best forgotten (and actually, parts of it already are... ten minutes unconscious does that!) but I keep getting asked for the on-board footage of my high-speed accident so here's a 5 minute video of the weekends fun and games. Skip to 5:30 if you only want to see the crash!

Next year the plan is to focus on the European Hovercraft Federation Championship (EHF). Dates have been released as below - and hopefully there will be a World Hovercraft Federation (WHF) World Championship event as well.....

24/25/(26UK only) May 2014 Hacket lakes UK Combined UK National & EHF meeting
21/22 June 2014 Prudhomat France
30/31 August 2014 Saalburg Germany
20/21 September 2014 Towcester UK Combined UK National & EHF meeting


Coastal-Pro and Two Marlin's off to the Gulf.

added by Emma on November 11, 2013 at 06:08

Loading today, two Marlins for a driving experience business together with a rescue craft to cover the area of operations. As ever, container shipping seamlessly arranged by



Cobra Racing Hulls now available from Flying Fish.

added by Emma on November 5, 2013 at 11:43






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